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Memoriam is a game where the player explore the story about the character's mother. The player starts off in the main character's room, which is a realistic 3D environment. The player can then look at objects that represent memories, where it would teleport them into a 2D pixel art mini-game. Through these mini-games the player would explore the narrative. There are 3 mini-games in total.

I was involved in the game design process. Originally I had the idea where there would be children painting in the 3D environment, and all the mini-games would be played within the painting. However the idea evolved into what we have now, as we did not want to waste the pixel art talent of our artist. I programmed the transition mechanics between memories, as well as the mini-game where the player has to pick up leaves while being harassed by a squirrel.

The game was created during the 2019 Global Game Jam, all within 48 hours. It won Best Design in SCAD.

You can check out and even download and play the game through this link:


Jonathan Rey Brooks

Drew Dicenso

Aiveen Dunn

Justin Graber

Tianyi Liu

Bradley Pirkle

Alex Sanches

Parker Daniels


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